It sucks.

You check your affiliate stats
every day and there, staring
you in the face like a
taunting wide-mouthed demon
is the figure we all dread;



It doesn’t take long until
you start questioning the
whole premise of affiliate

Will this ever work?

Have I wasted all my time
setting all this stuff up?

Why can’t I make any
money at this?

What am I missing?

I know a few burned people
who actually believe the
whole thing is a hoax.

Well I’m hear to tell you
that while it’s not always
easy – it is definitely not
a hoax either.

The difficulty lies in
trying to adopt out-dated,
“me-too” methods which
the market is immune to.

Your affiliate marketing
methods are like white noise
to most prospects.

They’re ignoring you.

And it hurts.

The solution is to do
something new, something
different and something
which will get you noticed,
get you clicks and get
you sales.

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Machine and when you grab
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